Lawren Jesse (lawrenlives) wrote in lyricists_guild,
Lawren Jesse

Well, well.

My name's Lawren and this is my short introduction to the group. I wonder if anyone posts here anymore or if I'm joining yet another songwriting/lyrics group in vain. No matter. I live in Western Canada, am 25 years old and have been a singer/songwriter/musician on and off for about 8 years I suppose.

Favourite lyricist? I don't think I could settle on just one so we'll just put Leonard Cohen/Lucinda Williams/Bob Dylan/Elvis Costello as the current stars in my songwriting sky. Reasons why ? I don't think you really need an explanation for any of those names eh?

Yes I am Canadian.

I've been on a spree of writing since cutting my hair off in the new year, they're all on my little LJ hideaway, some I like much more than others. Maybe even record some soon.

That's me.
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