Lucca Frakkah-Dukkah, M.F. (echo_helstrom) wrote in lyricists_guild,
Lucca Frakkah-Dukkah, M.F.

Title suggestions welcomed...

I said, "Maybe now is not the best time to meet you."
She said, "Keep believing in your being till thoughts are gone.
Those thoughts that bring you down they cannot teach you.
This is only temporary depression."

She said, "What's the worst thing that can happen if you meet me?
I won't pry open your secrets with a knife."
I said, "I'm not scared of you, I'm scared of myself.
I have no sense of in whom or how much to confide."
She said, "you have nothing to lose except your pride."

I said, "You're wrong. All that I've done wrong has caught up to teach me I'm just who I was before."

She said, "No, you're wrong. There's just some facts you're keeping from you to keep you from walking through the door."

I said, "I care too much what you think of me.
Gets even worse if I think you're above me.
Wish I was three so I could cover my eyes
So you can't see me."

She said, "Just breathe how the rabbit breathes.
Or let the vultures lick your carcass clean.
Your chakra's blocked with negative self-talk
And that's all that's happening."

Tell me what it is you live for when you can't stand your own breathing? Too cowardly to end it all.

I said, "What better time than now is there to meet you?"
She said, "By believing your being the old thoughts are gone."
I said, "Those thoughts I thought were me they're all just see-through.
Thanks for feeding me the secret medi-son."

She said, "It's okay don't worry we'll take it slow.
Slowly unmask the past just so we can learn from it."
I said, "I'll do what you say and go where you go."
She said, "You'll learn to love your breath and where you sit."
She said, "You'll learn to love your breath, get on with it."

She said, "Be strong. All that I've done wrong is just there to teach me. I'm not who I was before."

I said, "It won't belong. There's just some facts I've been keeping from me to keep me from walking through the door."

We said, "Let's breathe how the rabbit breathes.
Don't need the vultures we can lick ourselves clean.
Chakras unlocked and negative self talk
Is just not happening."

Indiscreet use of luxury
Imagined slights, claims to hype by phoneys
Who bandage up the hearts of stars
To keep theirs from bleeding

I'd tell you something but I don't know if I trust my thoughts or if I'm even here at all.

Now she is me and I am she.
Communicate through the air we breathe.
We cover up each other's eyes with suprises pending.
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