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I just stumbled across this community in my ongoing search for a good songwriting community. I've been in a few, but find that people are just really nasty when you ask for constructive criticism (they think that to constructively critize means to say YOU SUCK). So yeah, I noticed posts aren't too frequent but it seems like a nice community.

Anyway, introduction post, as requested in the info page....
I have a lot of names, mainly Elsea, I'm 17, in NY. I'm really more music oriented than lyrics, but since I play guitar and also like to sing, I figured it would be nice to beable to write lyrics. I enjoy writing them, they just don't come as naturally as the music. But I'm working on it. Next year I'm going to Berklee college of music, probably for music therapy or film scoring, not sure, or a number of other things.

Favorite lyricist.....I have a lot of them. Well there's Bob Dylan, but I think he's at the top of almost everyone's list. I really like Joni Mitchell, she has an incredible capability of capturing emotions and events so perfectly. Also Ben Folds - I know he's really known more as a musician than a lyricist, but many of his songs have wonderful lyrics. Also Ani Difranco, she's just, incredible, and says things so creatively - I don't know how she comes up with her stuff. Same with Jon Anderson, of Yes, my favorite band - their lyrics are so far out I usually don't know what on earth they're talking about, which is why it's amazing.
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