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Here is a poem and some lyrics that I wrote sometime within the last year. I suppose part of my reason for posting them is a feeling of obligation to provide a sample of the opposing ends of my creative spectrum, but I would also really like it if you all would be willing to take to the time to read and criticize. Thank you very much.

Midnight Celebration
Weary men won’t travel
These enchanted ways
Lest they might unravel
Magic which here lay
Centaurs, fairies, pixies,
Goblins, gremlins, pucks
Gather here at midnight
Weave the strands of luck
Swinging from the branches
Playing homespun flutes
Dancing ‘neath the starlight
Strumming tight-strung lutes
Look! Here comes a gryphon
Look! Here comes a fawn
Gather, mythic creatures
‘Til the break of dawn
Artemis, play for us
In your much-loved wood
Ancient tales of conquest
For the greater good
Brave Orion later
Shall approach this dance
Come to court his slayer
Given half a chance
Let the dragon flutter
Ladon, sacred sentry
Will tonight this garden
Shield from foreign entry
Fear not for your safety
Joyous garden’s grace
Daybreak will yet hasten
Quiet to this place

And weary men will travel far
On holy roadways ‘neath sky bright
‘Til celebration comes once more
Upon new falling of the night

Drama School
Jack, be clumsy, Jack, be slow

Jack, shine light on our odd show

Jack will give us a pass to go

Down to where the clowns are

They’re playing there with flaming brands

Wielded in their untrained hands

Laying ice on the warm sands

To keep friends on the bar

But these tall friends resent being tools

Of mere pyros playing as fools

They’re blinded by a need to rule

There’s trouble in the drama school


The queen is dressed up all in spades

For ev’ryday is her parade

She tells the court that’s just the way

That things were meant to be

So paupers line the streets of town

And marvel at her bladed gown

But the jester sits there in a frown

Jack, laugh at what you see

We don’t know why the peasants drool

Over such an ass pulled by a mule

Perhaps it’s what they think is cool

When living at the drama school


The rebels found the lot untraced

Living deuces, thought as an ace

With rotting minds behind their face

But they don’t really care

And the masses look on with disdain

The one emotion that they don’t feign

A fitting reprimand for your pain

But one you can hardly bear

Both parties fill their ears with wool

Opinions being a fitting spool

And everyone comes to leave a fool

When studying at the drama school


Look down the stone and you will see

Jack and Jill are gay as can be

Not knowing that they’re a pair of three

High in their own esteem

But for those up higher they are a show

Of the places that someone will go

To keep themselves out of the know

At least that’s how it seems

And the nobles call out to the ghouls

Asking if they’d care to duel

Though none of them deserve to rule

The petty halls of drama school


So let the deck be shuffled now

And pit the aces ‘gainst the clowns

Such war will bring no thing but frowns

If played out now and here

So let your life proceed past those

Dressed up in a charlatan’s clothes

For they’ll give to you a lethal dose

If that is what you fear

Dive down deep into the pool

Go and take the hidden jewel

Free yourself from being their tool

Graduate from the drama school

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